What Are Flash Games?

Technically flash games are interactive games created using the Adobe Flash software. Macromedia originally owned and developed the Flash software for use in animation programming and was being used to create movies and TV shows and complex business presentations. Soon after, Flash was picked up by programmers to create web-based interactive games.

What makes Flash games different from your PC or video games is that they do not run on a PC based platform so you don’t have to install software on your system or get a new console. Most Flash games are web-based and run on your browser with the appropriate developer’s plug-in however what you do need is the Adobe Flash plug-in which is downloadable for free from the Adobe website. This means that you don’t have to install a client software on your system and all you need is your browser with the plug-in. Sometimes it is already pre-installed with your operating system.

The arrival of Flash games brought a new face to computer gaming, browser-based online gaming being mostly free with games that are designed for all ages. It started as single-player games that were mostly fun and children-friendly. These were closely followed by the development of other genres and interests and the single-player game concept eventually evolved into multi-player platforms of massive proportions. The player pool could run in the hundreds of thousands at any given time for popular games.

Players are chosen almost always at random. Today there are thousands of Flash games on the internet being offered for free play and sometimes for download. These games have become popular as a go-to plan for moments of family bonding and offer an exciting alternative to the traditional role-playing and table games. It is very common to find kids joining their mom to find an answer to a trivial question while playing a game.

Flash games have also become a tool for child development with thousands of these free games designed to help a child develop certain skills and adhere to specific disciplines. Thousands of flash games have also been designed to help some of us relax and de-stress after a day’s work and now you can find dads playing a cool game online after dinner instead of the usual tv or games with the boys. The advent of Flash games also brought a wealth of opportunity for social interaction, getting to mingle and find new people online in a fun scenario. You are playing games, after all.

The arrival of Flash games also brought a resurgence of newly re-designed games from the past. Some of the classics were back in slightly different configuration and design although play was basically the same and most of these games were re-released as Flash-based games sporting better graphics and sound. Once again artists and programmers, the hip crowd, are working closely and are having a field day with Flash by creating new games with new ideas with the least storage space required. The fact that Flash-based applications are storage friendly made it an ideal developer’s tool in designing mobile games.

Thousands of mobile game applications out in the market are built from scratch with the use of Flash technology. Now a lot of new-generation PC game developers are utilizing Flash in one way or another. Content size can be greatly reduced with its use and advancement in rendering 3-D graphics with the use of Flash has been amazing.

The next time you and the kids find your selves sitting across the center table in the family room, go online and play a child-friendly game of trivia. The next time you feel the need to get some stress out of your system, go online and find a friendly crowd to play with. Whenever you feel like having clean gaming fun online without hurting your finances, definitely there are Flash games out there for you.

Three Totally Free Video Games That Gamers Should Know About

Gaming these days isn’t cheap, and that doesn’t just include the hardware it takes to play awesome looking games. At retail stores many new games today can cost as much as $60, unfortunately for developers many gamers just can’t justify the pricey investment and resort to acquiring games illegally. Luckily for everyone, we’ve got a list of three games that you can play for free which don’t involve any illegal internet pirating.

1. The Hunter (Avalanche Studios) - The Hunter is probably far and away the best hunting video game ever made, and yet it’s completely free to download and play on the computer. The Hunter is a hyper-realistic game that may turn many casual gamers off with its slow pace and attention to detail, but for hunting fans the game is a dream come true.

Without the right strategy, you could go hours without finding a single thing to shoot at, and there’s a lot of attention that needs to be paid about your scent, what direction the wind is pushing it and of course the noise that you make. Although The Hunter does have a paid subscription plan that allows players to hunt more animals with more weapons and across more areas, it is absolutely free to hunt your standard Mule Deer, which is a preferred target even with a subscription because of the beautiful racks you can collect from the bucks.

2. League of Legends (Riot Games) – League of Legends is a free online computer game that was made in part by some of the original creators of the mega-popular Defense of the Ancients mod for Warcraft III. Players compete in teams up to five to conquer the base of their opponent, with a great deal of strategy and team play to be found along the way. The game features over 60 different playable characters that can be unlocked over time by simply playing more games and spending the points you earn to get them, however characters can also be acquired more quickly by purchasing them with real cash.

3. Alien Swarm (Valve) - Alien Swarm is an intriguing co-op game developed by Valve and distributed for free on their Steam platform. Squads of up to four players are tasked with the job of clearing out and fighting through maps infested with aliens, and includes many different items that can be unlocked along the way to make the process all the more fun. This is a great free game to play with your friends, or challenge yourself with at higher difficulties.

My List of 7 Free Flash Games Online

If you love playing games by the hour and hate to pay for them then we’ve found just the list of absolutely free and totally fun games for you! Gamers love to play a wide assortment of games to rule out boredom and this list includes many you might not think could be found online let alone for free! Simply download the “flash” player for the best in animated gaming on the internet, and then check out the best games.

Action and bike games are a rage amongst boys. The racing adventure games has found takers in all times and flash games provide easy ways to vent your motomania.

  • Motocross Challenge games are best known of the motorbike racing game challenges. It can be played in single player as well as multiplayer mode. Honestly, I have always enjoyed the single player mode better and I simply love the animation of this game and the way the motorbike revs up before it takes off.
  • Bad Piggies takes the wildly popular Angry Birds to another level with some very much maligned pigs that go about stealing eggs to get their porky selves around a course and win the day! Rockets, engines, and some rather unattractive billows help piggy propel about the terrain and believe me this flash free games is more fun than simply catapulting feathers around the screen!
  • Snake has you chasing your tail, continuously! Yet it’s truly addictive and tons of fun to play. The original was on Nokia cell phones and now this version is even better and free to play! Go chase yourself!
  • Park is from the mind of Patrick Smith and filled with intrigue and intricate graphics you will love to visit again and again! The beautiful animations are available through your flash player as you wander through mysterious parks and unveil mystery after pleasurable experiences to boggle the mind!
  • Mahjong Connect is the classic board game with a new twist because it’s animated through the flash player’s capability. You eliminate pairs of bricks and win by clearing the board, then move on to another more complicated board.
  • Deconstruction Game is all about blowing up things! The object is to keep your robot on or near the ground and you must blow things away by placing explosives in just the right spot to accomplish that! It takes practice and a wee bit of skill but you can do it!
  • Adrenaline Challenge Game requires you to use all of your riding skills as you travel along the dangerous terrains you will encounter in this fast and furious game. Don’t hit the walls or you may lose a life! Keep your balance while in the air as well as when attempting to land or jump from different platforms. It’s risky but you know you can do it! There are so many car and bike racing games that can give you the thrill of fast racing.